Summer 2021 Season – No-Vid COVID ends! Sunday nights, still 7 p.m. (arrive by 6:45) Admission by donation.

Most COVID protocols still apply, and we’re not sure what they are, or when we definitely start (aiming for June 25). We’ll let you know as soon as we find out! ALL Covid guidelines will be enforced, so far fewer seats will be available. Mandatory mask wearing – bring one. Below is the protocols we… Continue reading Summer 2021 Season – No-Vid COVID ends! Sunday nights, still 7 p.m. (arrive by 6:45) Admission by donation.

Friday, June 25. Wild Strawberries

Wild Strawberries – Sweden – 1957 – Drama.  “One of Bergman’s warmest, and therefore finest films.”-Time Out.   In the late 1950’s the films of Ingmar Bergman dominated world cinema.  Consider Summer with Monika-1953, Smiles of a Summer Night-1955, Seventh Seal-1957, and Wild Strawberries-1957, plus four more in those five years, all of which he both wrote and… Continue reading Friday, June 25. Wild Strawberries

Sunday, July 25. Children of Heaven

Children of Heaven. Iran, 1997, 1hr 28 min. Drama. As an Iranian family struggles financially, 8-year old Ali loses his younger sister’s just-repaired pair of school shoes. The young pair dream up a plan to stay out of trouble: they’ll share his shoes and keep it a secret from their parents! This simple tale shows… Continue reading Sunday, July 25. Children of Heaven

Sunday, Sept. 26. Nights of Cabiria

Nights of Cabiria, 1957, Italy, 1hr 43 min. Director, Federico Fellini. Oscar for Best Foreign Film. Giulietta Masina (Fellini’s wife) plays Cabiria, a feisty, loud, outspoken and somewhat naïve prostitute waiting for a miracle, and one of the most unforgettable and endearing characters of European cinema. Later, Neil Simon adapted the script into the Broadway… Continue reading Sunday, Sept. 26. Nights of Cabiria

Sunday, August 15, Jazz on a Summer’s Day

Jazz on a Summer’s Day. USA. 1958. 1hr 25 min. Documentary This film could be more accurately titled Jazz and a Summer’s Day. Although the principal emphasis is on the performances, director Bert Stern’s camera fills us with illuminating images of America at its best. Whether its a birds-eye view of the rich in their… Continue reading Sunday, August 15, Jazz on a Summer’s Day

Sunday, Sept 12. Yomeddine

Yomeddine, Egypt. 2018. 1hr 37 min. Drama. Two outcasts, a Coptic leper and his orphaned apprentice, leave their leper colony for the first time and embark on a journey across Egypt to search for what remains of their families. Despite the unpromising premise, this is a surprisingly comic, uplifting film. “As Gamal, himself raised in… Continue reading Sunday, Sept 12. Yomeddine

Thurs. Nov 5. Big Night

BIG NIGHT – USA. 1992. Drama. 1hr 47 minutes. It’s the late ’50’s, and Chef Primo (Tony Shalhoub) and businessman Secondo (Stanley Tucci) are immigrant brothers from Italy who open their dream restaurant, Paradise, in New Jersey. However, Primo’s authentic food is too unfamiliar for the local tastes, and the restaurant is struggling. Their only… Continue reading Thurs. Nov 5. Big Night