Topsy-Turvey – Britain – 1999 – Drama. “A consistently delightful, superbly timed, and impeccably staged wedge of British pop history.”-Mr Showbiz.  “One of the year’s best films.”-Chicago Sun-Times. Tensions abound and the music swells in the story about the musical team of Gilbert & Sullivan.  The two men who were extremely different in size and stature were even more different in temperament and style. “For nearly a decade, Gilbert and Sullivan’s collaborations have delighted the English people. Their popular comic operas have recouped handsomely for the successful Savoy Theatre… But, in 1884, their latest work, “Princess Ida,” receives lukewarm press. Sullivan rejects Gilbert’s next idea as “topsy-turvy” and unbelievable, and although Gilbert tries to accommodate him, they cannot agree. Mired at a creative impasse, Gilbert and Sullivan can barely converse. Then, Gilbert’s wife, Lucy “Kitty” Gilbert, drags him along to a Japanese exhibition–exposure to the very different culture begins inspiration to embark on the production of “The Mikado.”



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