Buena Vista Social Club

Buena Vista Social Club – Cuba – 1999 – Music Documentary.  “The music is incredible enough on its own–but the lives and the culture behind it, that’s what makes this documentary a must-see.”-Widgett Walls.  In 1996 famed musician Ry Cooder travelled to Havana, hoping to find some musicians who were legends in the 1950’s.  If they were still capable of making music, he would record them.  People who had been languishing in obscurity not only were still alive, but proved able to make an astonishing recording that swept the world – the Grammy-winning “Buena Vista Social Club”.  Cooder returned to make further recordings with his newly minted stars, and brought along director Wim Winders to record their stories. “One of the best and most impactful docs of the 1990s, Wim Wenders exhilarating feature is at once a tribute to a pre-Castro generation of musicians as well as a largely bygone genre.”-Emanuel Levy.


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