Aug 23. The Orange Thief

The Orange Thief – Italy/USA – 2007 – Comedy/Drama.  A man’s struggle against a life of crime takes an unusual turn during a stay behind bars in this offbeat independent comedy-drama. The title character (played by Andrea Calabrese) is an orphan who grew up fending for himself near a citrus grove in Sicily, where he kept body and soul together by stealing fruit. While the thief wants to go straight, opportunities for him are few and far between, and he’s no stranger to the inside of a jail cell. While serving time, the thief meets Turrido (Allessio Giottoli), a convicted murderer. Realizing the younger man could use a break, Turrido ask a favor of the thief – since he’s soon to be released, could he make some recordings of his girlfriend Rosalba (Micaela Helvetica Saxer), an aspiring singer?  Eager to stay on Turrido’s good side, the thief agrees, but his plan hits a snag when he discovers Rosalba doesn’t like the idea of having her music committed to tape.  The Orange Thief was shot in Italy by three independent filmmakers from the United States; each shot a third of the film, free of the creative input of their partners. The film received its United States premiere at the 2006 Woodstock Film Festival, where it received the award for “Best Of Show.”  “A paean to dreams, friendship, and the beauty of music”-Mill Valley Film Fest.  “WILDLY ORIGINAL..this is a world infused with magic realism.  Utterly delightful, imaginative and bold, this gem of a film features live music integral to the narrative and impossible to forget.”-Woodstock Film Fest.


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