Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms – Germany (Japan) 2009 – Drama.  “A lyrical attempt to make sense of grief that appeals shamelessly to the heart rather than the head.” John Frotgang, Film 4.  While terminally ill, a German man  tries in vain to reconnect with  his children, only to suddenly lose his wife. The widower is devastated to discover too late  just what sacrifices his wife had made to be with him. In the aftermath of that discovery, Rudi dedicates his remaining days to realizing her unfulfilled dreams and traveling to Tokyo to celebrate her life during the breathtaking cherry blossom festival — a colorful festival staged to celebrate beauty, impermanence, and new beginnings.

“A bare reading of the plot doesn’t actually do justice to the subtle beauty of this exquisite little film.”  Ken Hanke, Mountain Express.

“The movie is an ideal blend of character study, deceptively simple plot twists, inspired acting, and travelogue.” Johnathan Curiel, San Francisco Chronicle.

“Unpredictable and compelling, this draws parallels between Japanese and German cultures in interesting and moving ways.” David Parkinson, Empire Magazine.

“This portrait of an aging couple is a deeply rewarding, heartbreaking, utterly worthy successor to two films which inspired it: Ozu’s Tokyo Story and Leo McCarey’s great, forgotten 1937 Make Way for Tomorrow.” David Noh, Film Journal International.


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