Wild Strawberries

Wild Strawberries – Sweden – 1957 – Drama.  “One of Bergman’s warmest, and therefore finest films.”-Time Out.   In the late 1950’s the films of Ingmar Bergman dominated world cinema.  Consider Summer with Monika-1953, Smiles of a Summer Night-1955, Seventh Seal-1957, and Wild Strawberries-1957, plus four more in those five years, all of which he both wrote and… Continue reading Wild Strawberries


Rashomon – Japan – 1950 – Drama.  “Innovative, experimental and brilliantly constructed, Rashomon is one of world cinema’s truly great works, questioning the notions of truth and morality with its multiple perspective, a film that put Kurosawa and Japanese cinema on the international map.”-Emanuel Levy.    The murder of a man and the rape of… Continue reading Rashomon

Love (Szerelem)

Love – Hungary – 1971 – Drama.  This tender black-and-white Hungarian drama is a “masterpiece”-Roger Ebert about the relationship between two women, “capturing the ambivalences of affection and exasperation, rivalry and devotion.”-Time.    One is an aged aristocrat nearing 100 for whom the past is more vivid than the present “an entire woman; tender, domineering, frightened”-New… Continue reading Love (Szerelem)


Ugetsu – Japan – 1953 – Drama.  Both Roger Ebert and Martin Scorsese have written that Ugetsu is one of the “greatest of all films.”  Presented in a manner as eerie as it is heartbreaking, this film is a gorgeous supernatural fable about the folly of men with dreams larger than their abilities and their… Continue reading Ugetsu