Vananja – India – 2006 – Drama.  “Vanaja is a timeless story of dignity maintained against all odds.” Tom Keough, Seattle Times.  “Stunning portrait of caste oppression in South India, as well as the struggle of a young woman from the lower caste’s to elevate herself through dance.” Louis Proyect, Vanaja is fifteen, beautiful and far… Continue reading Vananja

The Mystic Masseur

Mystic Masseur – UK/Trinidad – 2001 – Comedy/Drama.  A Merchant Ivory production of the novel by Nobel Prize-winner V. S. Naipaul.  Set amid the large and prosperous Indian community in Mid-20th century Trinidad, The Mystic Masseur is a magical, bittersweet fable about Ganesh, a young, aspiring author whose unexpected talents as a healer bring him local… Continue reading The Mystic Masseur

Fill the Void

Fill the Void – Israel – 2013 – Drama. “With honesty and sensitivity, this Israeli drama takes us into an unfamiliar subculture, letting us experience aspects of life in an Orthodox Jewish community that we’ve probably never even imagined before.”  Rich Cline, “An intelligent and moving examination of the possibilities of personal freedom within the strict… Continue reading Fill the Void