May 10 – The Mystic Masseur

Mystic Masseur – UK/Trinidad – 2001 – Comedy/Drama.  A Merchant Ivory production of the novel by Nobel Prize-winner V. S. Naipaul.  Set amid the large and prosperous Indian community in Mid-20th century Trinidad, The Mystic Masseur is a magical, bittersweet fable about Ganesh, a young, aspiring author whose unexpected talents as a healer bring him local… Continue reading May 10 – The Mystic Masseur

Buena Vista Social Club

Buena Vista Social Club – Cuba – 1999 – Music Documentary.  “The music is incredible enough on its own–but the lives and the culture behind it, that’s what makes this documentary a must-see.”-Widgett Walls.  In 1996 famed musician Ry Cooder travelled to Havana, hoping to find some musicians who were legends in the 1950’s.  If they were… Continue reading Buena Vista Social Club