Fill the Void

Fill the Void – Israel – 2013 – Drama. “With honesty and sensitivity, this Israeli drama takes us into an unfamiliar subculture, letting us experience aspects of life in an Orthodox Jewish community that we’ve probably never even imagined before.”  Rich Cline, “An intelligent and moving examination of the possibilities of personal freedom within the strict… Continue reading Fill the Void


Departures – Japan – 2009 – Drama. “A moving celebration of life through showing reverence for death.” Maggie Lee, Hollywood Reporter.   Daigo, an unemployed cellist, answers a classified ad for a company called “Departures,” mistakenly assuming that he will be working for a travel agency.  Upon discovering that he will actually be preparing the bodies of the… Continue reading Departures


Jerusalem  – Sweden – 1996 – Drama.  Selma Lagerhoff, the first woman to win the Nobel Prize for literature, wrote the novel Jerusalem, based on facts gathered during her visit there in 1900.  It is an amazing story of love, religious fervor, and redemption.  In the late nineteenth century, a small Swedish community is torn… Continue reading Jerusalem