Joni Mitchell – Woman of Heart and Mind

Joni Mitchell – Woman of Heart and Mind – USA – 2003 – Documentary. “One of the great talents of her or anyone else’s generation gets the royal treatment with this superb two-hour (with bonus material) documentary. It’s all here (via interviews, including conversations past and present with Mitchell herself, photos, generous helpings of concert… Continue reading Joni Mitchell – Woman of Heart and Mind

Touch the Sound

Touch the Sound – Germany – 2004 – Documentary.  “Educates in exhilarating ways, ways that are immediately applicable to how one lives one’s life.”-Newsday.  “Evelyn Glennie is one of the world’s most celebrated percussionists, and has produced acclaimed work in the classical, pop, and avant-garde fields. Glennie’s collaborators include Icelandic avant-pop darling Björk, bluegrass-turned-jazz virtuoso… Continue reading Touch the Sound

Love (Szerelem)

Love – Hungary – 1971 – Drama.  This tender black-and-white Hungarian drama is a “masterpiece”-Roger Ebert about the relationship between two women, “capturing the ambivalences of affection and exasperation, rivalry and devotion.”-Time.    One is an aged aristocrat nearing 100 for whom the past is more vivid than the present “an entire woman; tender, domineering, frightened”-New… Continue reading Love (Szerelem)

Blue Crush

Blue Crush – USA – 2002 – Drama.  This is a rather predictable teenage chick flick redeemed by 1. Some spectacular surf segments.  2. Pretty realistic behind-the-scenes story of what it takes to become a pro surfer.  3. An honest portrait of the “real” Hawaii.  Life for the not-privileged young.