Movie List by Title (& category)

Adam’s Rib (Europe, Women).

Alamar (Children, Latin America).

L’Atalante (Europe, Black & White).

Almost Famous (Rock & Roll).

America America (Africa & Middle East, Biopics, Black & White).

Aparajito (Asia & India, Black & White).

Babette’s Feast (Europe, Food).

Backbeat (Biopics, Black & White, Rock & Roll).

Bernard & Doris (Biopics, Women).

Bhutan: Taking the Middle Path to Happiness (Asia, Ethnic).

Blue Crush (Hawaii, Women).

Bollywood Hollywood (Canada, Ethnic).

Born to Rock – the TAMI Show ( Black & White, Rock & Roll).

Boys & Girl from County Clare (Ethnic & Culture, Music).

Buena Vista Social Club (Music, Ethnic, Latin America).

Bustin’ Down the Door (Hawaii).

Cantors: a Faith in Song (Jewish, Music).

Cave of the Yellow Dog (Asia, Children, Ethnic,)

Chef (Food).

Cherry Blossoms (Asia, Europe, Spirituality)

Children of Heaven (Children, Africa & Middle East).

Close to Eden (Asia, Ethnic).

Departures (Asia, Spiritualty)

Descendents (Hawaii).

Double Happiness (Canada, Ethnic).

Dybbuk, the (Black & White, Europe, Ethnic, Jewish, Spirituality).

Elling (Europe)

Fast, Cheap & Out of Control (Miscellaneous).

Festival (Arts, Music)

Fill the Void (Middle East, Ethnic, Jewish, Spirituality, Women)

Fire (Asia, Women).

Forbidden Games  (Black & White, Children, Europe).

From Mao to Mozart – Isaac Stern in China (Arts, Asia, Music)

Fruit Hunters, the (Asia, Food, Miscellaneous).

Gadjo Dilo (Ethnic, Europe).

Georgia O’Keefe (Arts, Biopics, Women)

Grace of My Heart (Rock & Roll, Music, Women).

Grey Gardens  (Biopic, Women).

Gypsy Caravan  (Ethnic, Music).

Holo Mai Pele  (Ethnic, Hawaii)

Home and the World  (Asia)

How Art Made the World  (Arts)

Hula Girls  (Asia, Hawaii, Women)

Impromptu  (Arts, Biopics, Europe)

Intermezzo – Sweden – 1936 – Drama. (Black & White, Europe)

Iris (Arts, Biopics, Fashion, Women)

Jerusalem (Europe, Spirituality)

Joni Mitchell: a Woman of Heart and Mind  (Arts, Biopics, Music, Canadian Gems, Rock & Roll, Women)

Julie & Julia  (Biopics, Food, Women)

Juliet of the Spirits (Europe)

Kolya  (Europe)

Kuhaki Keali’I Reichel Live in Concert  (Hawaii, Music)

Kumu Hula  (Arts, Ethnic, Hawaii, Spirituality)

Kundun  (Biopics, Asia, Spirituality)

Last Klezmer, the  (Judaism, Music)

Lemon Tree – Middle East, Ethnic, Women

Little England – Europe, Women

Lomax the Songhunter  (Arts, Biopic, Music)

Love [Szerelem] – (Black & White, Europe, Women)

Mad Hot Ballroom (Arts, Children)

Marlene  (Biopics, Black & White, Women)

Mayor of the Sunset Strip  (Biopics, Rock & Roll)

Monsieur Lazhar – Canadian Gems, Children

My American Cousin (Canada, Women)

My Sweet Canary  (Biopics, Europe, Music, Women)

Mystic Masseur (Ethnic, Latin America)

Nanook of the North  (Black & White. Ethnic)

Next of Kin  (Canada, Ethnic)

Nights of Cabiria (Black & White, Europe, Women)

Onibaba  (Asia, Black & White)

Outside Chance of Maximilian Glick  (Canada, Ethnic, Judaism)

Outsourced  (Asia, Ethnic)

Pather Panchali  (Asia, Black & White, Children)

Pirate Radio  (Rock & Roll)

Pool, the  (Children, Asia)

Port of Call  (Black & White, Europe, Women)

Princess Ka’iulani  (Biopic, Hawaii, Women)

Rana.s Wedding (Middle East, Women)

Rashoman  (Asia, Black & White)

Rembetiko  (Ethnic, Europe, Music, Women)

Road Home, The (Asia, Ethnic)

Saltmen of Tibet  (Ethnic, Asia)

Sansho the Bailiff  (Asia, Black & White)

Sapphires, the  (Asia, Music, Rock & Roll, Women)

Scent of Green Papaya  (Asia, Women)

Searching for Sugar Man (Biopics, Music)

September Issue  (Arts & Fashion, Biopicks, Women)

Shall We Dance (Asia)

Shower  (Asia, Ethnic & Culture)

Shut Up & Sing  (Biopicks, Music, Rock & Roll, Women)

Smoke Signals  (Ethnic)

Songmakers, the  (Music, Rock & Roll)

Standing in the Shadows of Motown (Music, Rock & Roll)

Step into Liquid  (Hawaii)

Still Bill (Biopic, Music)

Story of the Weeping Camel  (Asia, Ethnic)

Sugar Cane Alley  (Ethnic, Latin America)

Summer with Monika (Black & White, Europe)

Sunday in the Country, A  (Europe)

Sworn Virgin (Ethnic, Europe, Women)

Tabu  (Black & White, Ethnic)

Talking with Spirits  (Asia, Ethnic, Spirituality)

Talking Woodstock  (Rock & Roll)

Taylor Camp  (Hawaii, Spiritualty)

Topsy Turvey  (Arts, Biopic, Europe, Music)

Touch the Sound (Arts, Biopic, Music, Women)

Triumph of the Wall  (Canadian Gems)

Two Daughters  (Asia, Black & White, Women)

Ugetsu  (Asia, Black & White)

Under the Sun  (Europe)

Unmistaken Child  (Asia, Spirituality)

Vananja (Asia, Ethnic, Arts, Women)

Viva Cuba  (Children, Latin America)

Waste Land (Arts, Latin America)

Weavers, The: Wasn’t that a Time? (Biopics, Music)

Where Is the Friend’s Home  (Africa & Middle East, Children, Ethnic)

Who Are the Debolts  (Biopics, Children)

Wild Man Blues  (Biopic, Music)

Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill  (Biopics, Miscellaneous)

Wild Strawberries  (Black & White, Europe)

Words, Earth & Aloha  (Ethnic, Hawaii, Music, Spirituality)

The World of Apu (Asia, Black & White, Ethnic)

Yidl Mitn Fidl  ( Black & White, Europe, Jewish, Music)