Movie List by Title (& category)

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Alamar (Children, Latin America).

L’Atalante (Europe, Black & White)

America America (Africa & Middle East, Biopics, Black & White).

Aparajito (Asia & India, Black & White).

Babette’s Feast (Europe, Food).

Backbeat (Biopics, Black & White, Rock & Roll).

*Bhutan: Taking the Middle Path to Happiness (Asia, Ethnic).

Blue Crush (Hawaii, Women).

Bollywood Hollywood (Canada, Ethnic).

Boys & Girl from County Clare (Ethnic & Culture, Music).

Buena Vista Social Club (Music, Ethnic, Latin America).

Cave of the Yellow Dog (Asia, Children, Ethnic,)

Chef (Food).

Cherry Blossoms (Asia, Europe, Spirituality

Departures (Asia, Spiritualty)

*Descendents (Hawaii).

Elling (Europe)

Festival (Arts, Music)

Fill the Void (Middle East, Ethnic, Jewish, Spirituality, Women)

From Mao to Mozart – Isaac Stern in China (Arts, Asia, Music)

Fruit Hunters, the (Asia, Food, Miscellaneous).

Gadjo Dilo (Ethnic, Europe).

Georgia O’Keefe (Arts, Biopics, Women)

*Grey Gardens  (Biopic, Women).

Holo Mai Pele  (Ethnic, Hawaii)

Hula Girls  (Asia, Hawaii, Women)

Impromptu  (Arts, Biopics, Europe)

Iris (Arts, Biopics, Fashion, Women)

Joni Mitchell: a Woman of Heart and Mind  (Arts, Biopics, Music, Canadian Gems, Rock & Roll, Women)

Juliet of the Spirits (Europe)

Kolya  (Europe)

Kumu Hula  (Arts, Ethnic, Hawaii, Spirituality)

Lemon Tree – Middle East, Ethnic, Women

Little England – Europe, Women

Lomax the Songhunter  (Arts, Biopic, Music)

Lunchbox, The  (Asia, Food, Women)

Mad Hot Ballroom (Arts, Children)

Mayor of the Sunset Strip  (Biopics, Rock & Roll)Mayor of the Sunset Strip  (Biopics, Rock & Roll)

Monsieur Lazhar – Canadian Gems, Children

Mystic Masseur (Ethnic, Latin America)

Outsourced  (Asia, Ethnic)

Pather Panchali  (Asia, Black & White, Children)

Princess Ka’iulani  (Biopic, Hawaii, Women)

Rana’s Wedding (Middle East, Women)

Rashoman  (Asia, Black & White)

Rembetiko  (Ethnic, Europe, Music, Women)

Road Home, The (Asia, Ethnic)

Saltmen of Tibet  (Ethnic, Asia)

Sapphires, the  (Asia, Music, Rock & Roll, Women)

Scent of Green Papaya  (Asia, Women)

Searching for Sugar Man (Biopics, Music)

Shall We Dance (Asia)

Shower  (Asia, Ethnic & Culture)

*Smoke Signals  (Ethnic)

Still Bill (Biopic, Music)

Story of the Weeping Camel  (Asia, Ethnic)

Summer with Monika (Black & White, Europe)

Sworn Virgin (Ethnic, Europe, Women)

Talking with Spirits  (Asia, Ethnic, Spirituality)

TAMI Show, the (Music, Rock & Roll)


Taylor Camp  (Hawaii, Spiritualty)

Topsy Turvey  (Arts, Biopic, Europe, Music)

A Touch of Spice

Touch the Sound (Arts, Biopic, Music, Women)

Triumph of the Wall  (Canadian Gems)

Two Daughters  (Asia, Black & White, Women)

Ugetsu  (Asia, Black & White)

Under the Sun  (Europe)

Unmistaken Child  (Asia, Spirituality)

Vananja (Asia, Ethnic, Arts, Women)

Viva Cuba  (Children, Latin America)

Waste Land (Arts, Latin America)

Weavers, The: Wasn’t that a Time? (Biopics, Music)

Where Is the Friend’s Home  (Africa & Middle East, Children, Ethnic)

Who Are the Debolts  (Biopics, Children)

Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill  (Biopics, Miscellaneous)

Wild Strawberries  (Black & White, Europe)

Words, Earth & Aloha  (Ethnic, Hawaii, Music, Spirituality)

The World of Apu (Asia, Black & White, Ethnic)