Vananja – India – 2006 – Drama.  “Vanaja is a timeless story of dignity maintained against all odds.” Tom Keough, Seattle Times.  “Stunning portrait of caste oppression in South India, as well as the struggle of a young woman from the lower caste’s to elevate herself through dance.” Louis Proyect, Vanaja is fifteen, beautiful and far… Continue reading Vananja

Summer With Monika

Summer With Monika – Sweden – 1953 – Drama   Directed by Ingmar Bergman.  “Thanks to international distributors sensationalizing its sexual frankness, this bittersweet drama of ill-fated first love helped establish Ingmar Bergman as a filmmaker.” TV Guide.  The sensual Harriet Andersson (in her first of 9 films with Bergman) was  a sensation, and the film’s fame… Continue reading Summer With Monika

The Mystic Masseur

Mystic Masseur – UK/Trinidad – 2001 – Comedy/Drama.  A Merchant Ivory production of the novel by Nobel Prize-winner V. S. Naipaul.  Set amid the large and prosperous Indian community in Mid-20th century Trinidad, The Mystic Masseur is a magical, bittersweet fable about Ganesh, a young, aspiring author whose unexpected talents as a healer bring him local… Continue reading The Mystic Masseur