Story of the Weeping Camel, The

Story of the Weeping Camel – Mongolia/Germany – 2004 – Drama.     “A beautiful little film that hovers somewhere between eye-popping documentary and warm-hearted fable.”-Fresno Bee.   “A beautiful and delicate reminder of the myriad ways in which life is lived on this huge planet of ours.”-Miami Herald.   Springtime in the Gobi Desert.  A family of… Continue reading Story of the Weeping Camel, The

Buena Vista Social Club

Buena Vista Social Club – Cuba – 1999 – Music Documentary.  “The music is incredible enough on its own–but the lives and the culture behind it, that’s what makes this documentary a must-see.”-Widgett Walls.  In 1996 famed musician Ry Cooder travelled to Havana, hoping to find some musicians who were legends in the 1950’s.  If they were… Continue reading Buena Vista Social Club

Still Bill

Still Bill – USA – 2010 – Documentary.   “A captivating, insightful, revealing and surprisingly moving documentary.”-NYC Movie Guru.  “There exists a rather tired bit of popular slang: “keeping it real”. Well I’m here to tell you that through this documentary you get to see a genuine person – no b.s., no window dressing –… Continue reading Still Bill

Gadjo Dilo

Gadjo Dilo – Roma/France/Romania – 1997 – Drama.  Director Tony Gatlif.  One of the best films about Roma (Gypsy) life in Eastern Europe today.  “Gatlif, of Algerian Roma heritage, is one of those rare, instinctive artists who seems wholly motivated by the desire to envelope viewers in his sense of intoxication with the world’s beauty… Continue reading Gadjo Dilo


Kolya – Czech – 1997 – Comedy.  Winner of both the Oscar & Golden Globe for best foreign film.  The plot; womanizer-gets-transformed-when-stuck-with-child is becoming a tired cliche, but this film is by far the best of the lot.  It is enhanced by its setting – Prague at the end of the Communist era, and by… Continue reading Kolya