New Spring  2019 Season!   Here’s the upcoming schedule.
Wednesdays, 7pm,   All shows are at the Roxy.  Starting time, 7 p.m.  Admission by donation.

April 10, SUGAR CANE ALLEY. MARTINIQUE, 1984.  RAUCOUS, HEARTBREAKING, LIFE-AFFIRMING – A TRIUMPH.  Memoir of a sensitive, mischievous boy, raised by his wise and sacrificing grandmother; his childhood on a Caribbean sugar plantation in the 1920’s, his narrow escape from poverty.   French patois with English subtitles


FUNNY, WARM TALE OF A FAMILY TASTING NEW WAYS.  A Mongolian family lives a traditional, seemingly idyllic life on the steppes, until a Russian truck driver crashes into their life.  Mongolian with English subtitles

MAY 8,  JONI MITCHELL, WOMAN OF HEART & MIND.  2003.    “One of the great talents of her or anyone else’s generation gets the royal treatment with this superb two-hour (with bonus material) documentary. It’s all here (via interviews, including conversations past and present with Mitchell herself, photos, generous helpings of concert footage, and more): her Saskatchewan childhood, her lovers, her painting, her reunion with the daughter she had left behind at age 19… and, of course, her music, the songs, recordings, and performances, so intensely personal yet so universally accessible, that comprise one of the most extraordinarily original and significant (if not always wildly popular) bodies of work any artist has ever produced. Even true fanatics are likely to find revelations here; the rest of us can simply rejoice in the life and artistry of Joni Mitchell. The extras are highlighted by complete concert readings of four songs, including “Big Yellow Taxi” and “Woodstock.” –Sam Graham

MAY 22,  A TOUCH OF SPICE, GREECE. 2009.   GREECE’S MOST POPULAR FILM EVER!  A film about love – love of food, love of home, love across cultures, across generations – and separation from your loves by forces beyond your control. To Greeks, Istanbul is the ‘Polis’ THE city that is their lost home, a memory preserved in recipes.  In Greek with English subtitles

JUN 5,  ALL YOU NEED IS KLAUS, GERMANY. 2009.  KLAUS VOORMAN – FRIEND OF THE BEATLES, BASSIST, ILLUSTRATOR.  There’s much more to his life than most of us knew. A quiet, spiritual man nevertheless lived at the center of the action of the 60’s & 70’s – From Twiggy to Manfred Mann to Carly Simon.  In German with English subtitles.


 JUN 19,  A SUNDAY IN THE COUNTRY,  FRANCE. 1984.  ONE OF THE DECADE’S BEST FILMS.  An Impressionist painter eagerly anticipates the Sunday visit to his country home from his family. An Impressionist painting in itself, a moving picture of the hopes, disappointments and small joys of family as a father’s life reaches its autumn season.  In French with English subtitles.